Army Showcase - Crimson Fists

The last army that I have is a Crimson Fist army. I'm almost done with the first 1000 points - the only models left are two Rhinos (my first ever 40k vehicles).

The 1000 point list is:

Captain with jump pack, digital weapons, power sword

5 Terminators with assault cannon and chain fist

10 Marines with power fist, melta gun, multi-melta, Rhino
10 Marines with power sword, plasma gun, plasma cannon, Rhino

6 Assault marines with power fist

I've played three 5th Edition games with this army and have lost all three (to a space marine player). I learned that I don't know how to use Rhinos and that 5th Edition is not the same as 4th Edition so I should probably stop playing like it is.

plasma squad

melta squad


assault squad

jump captain

Once the two Rhinos are done I will be adding a 10 man Sternguard squad and some other goodies.