Army Showcase - Khador

After completing the Wood Elf army I signed myself up for the second round of the Tale of Painters challenge on Librarium Online. I decided to paint up two armies this time, Crimson Fists (coming soon!) and a Khador army for Warmachine.

I'm working towards a 500 point army with the following list:

Kommander Sorscha
Koldun Lord
Greylord Ternion
Man-O-War Demolition Corps

My initial attraction to this army was the gorgeous models. I've only ever played one game, which I lost, but I'd love to learn how to play well (you'll notice a recurring theme of me not playing much but wanting to).

the battle box (Juggernaut, Sorscha, and Destroyer)

Man-O-War Demo Corps in the back, Widowmakers in the front

the army as it stands right now

WIP Greylords

Once the Greylords are done I only have the Koldun Lord to get done before this army is complete.