Finished Koldun Lord

I finished off my Koldun Lord this weekend.

His face is still bothering me but I'm less annoyed about it with the rest of the model painted. The model as a whole is a little less vibrant and exciting than the Greylords but I'm happy with how he turned out and I'm glad to be done.

click on either one of these for a larger view

Here he is with his bearded friends:

And here is the whole 500 points of Khador I've painted thus far.

I have a few different things I can do right now. I have a number of Crimson Fists that I could paint up as I work up towards 1500 points and a few single models lying around that I'd like to get some paint on but I think I'm going to do a few test models for my Imperial Guard. Stay tuned for some updates about that, hopefully including my first attempt at priming with gesso!