New Blog, First Post

Hello internets and welcome to my little corner of the tubes. I'm hoping that this can serve as a place for me to document my forays into war gaming and miniature painting and to help me get involved in the online communities surrounding those things.

I've been involved in the hobby on and off for about 10 years, most of that off. It wasn't until two years ago that a friend of mine got me back into the hobby. We would play 40k in the Games Workshop store in Boston on weekends - I had a small Tau army and he had some Imperial Fists.

Once I graduated college the GW store closed down and we built a table and would play in our kitchen. We decided to start playing Warhammer Fantasy and over the course of last year I built and painted a 2000 point Wood Elf army. I ended up playing three 500 point games with that army before my friend moved to California.

Since then I've been mostly a painter - aside from three 40k games a few months ago I haven't played any games of any sort in a long time. I currently have a Crimson Fist army and a Khador army in the works, and tentative plans to start an Imperial Guard army in the spring / summer. I'd like to start using some or all of my armies to play games but without a car I'm having some issues working out the best way to do that.

There isn't much here yet but I'm hoping to fix that in the next few weeks with some pictures of my current armies and updates about what I've got going on.

Thanks for stopping by!