Second Rhino Completed

I had a bit of free time yesterday and I managed to put the finishing touches on my second Rhino.

I tried out a few new things on this one, including some heavy black washes on the exhausts and a slightly different color scheme on the mud. I'm not very pleased with the paint chipping that I did on this one - I think it looks a bit like leopard spots and less like chipped paint.

What this means though, is that I have my 1000 point army completed! I'm really excited about this because I love the look of a painted army all lined up and I'm always so proud of myself when I get to a good stopping point like this.

A friend and I have plans to meet up at a Games Day this spring / summer and I'd like to be able to bring a complete 1500 point list to that so once I complete the Koldun Lord for my Khador I'm going to plow through another 500 points of Crimson Fists.

My plan is to have 10 Sternguard in a Drop Pod (with three combi-meltas and a heavy flamer), fill out the assault squad to 10 men, and use the rest of the points to squeeze 5 scouts in. I have a few of the Sternguard already modeled and I'm waiting until April to buy the metal Sternguard and the Drop Pod.

combi-melta, heavy flamer, combi-melta