A Few Painting WIPs

The newest White Dwarf showed up in my mailbox yesterday and after looking through it I was inspired to put paint to models. Not much, mind you, but it's a start. Hopefully putting up photos will get my motivated to do more.

These guys have had some paint on them for a while. Last night I did the green armour and gun casings - they're just waiting for a quick highlight and the armour and cloth will be done.

From The Warp posted up an interesting little tutorial today about painting stubble - I think I'm going to give it a go on some of these guys.

This guy has a lot more work left in him. Last night I finished the basecoat of red and then gave him a light wash with Badab Black to bring some shading and depth to the basecoat. The next step here is going to be building up towards Blood Red.

In an odd coincidence, the model I'm basing the scheme off of was done by an 'Heavy Metal painter who was profiled in White Dwarf this month. There wasn't much information about how he did it (Blood Red over black was about as in depth as they went) but looking at his model made me want to paint mine.