May Summary

Overall May was a pretty big failure for me hobby wise.

Painting for Points
I did finish off my Drop Pod this month but a lot of that work was done in April. Since the drop pod I've put base coats on five Guardsmen and one Marine but haven't gotten any further than that on anything. Total points for the year: 52.

New Model Fund
I started this May with $48.90. I had to buy an army transport to get me to Games Day ($62.99), some paints ($10.00) and some bases ($16.00), which left my find at $-40.09. However, my days of borrowing on credit in preparation for Games Day are over so I shouldn't be having these negative numbers anymore.

My find for June stands at $9.91 and I don't have any plans to purchase anything this month. I have tons of Guard models to assemble and paint as well as the Marine, plus a shelf full of other single models and units.

The only models on my current want list are the Regimental Advisors blister.

image from Games Workshop

The Master of the Fleet and Master of Ordnance are two very nice models and I think their faces would be a really good challenge for me. I'm going to hold off on purchasing these guys until I've finished at least one platoon of Guardsmen but probably longer.

Thanks to everyone who left suggestions about painting that red - I haven't made a start yet but you've all given me a lot to think about.