Painting White is Hard!

I've never painted white over any large surface at all. In fact, I think the only time I've used white is as a highlight on bone colored things and my Birch Tree Dryads, which were intentionally sloppy. Needless to say, my adventures painting a white helmet and shoulder pads on the red marine were trying to say the least.

For a first try I'm pretty pleased but I can see plenty of room for improvement. Here he is:

On the shoulder pads I did a layer of Adeptus Battlegray over the black and then built up many, many thin layers of white - it was a huge pain. The helmet I added a later of Battlegray mixed with white on top of that before the straight white, which was only slightly less of a pain. Next time I'll absoultey be using more intermediate layers of lighter grays.

I then took a very small brush and shaded with Asurmen Blue and then went back and touched up the white.

Anyone with tips on painting white is more than welcome to share them here.


  1. Yes, painting white is extremely hard. So is yellow.

  2. Oh, i feel your pain! I painting a 3500pts white consuls army that was primed black :D

  3. I hear ya my friend painting white is quite hard. You did a fabulous job! Keep it up!

  4. Looks great, this is why you don't see many white armies out there.

  5. over the black, instead of going with adeptus grey... or after adeptus grey, get a layer of codex grey or lighter still. it can only make the white easier to apply!

  6. The shades are too strong. If you'll shade with blue make sure you blend the white in better. I'm not a fan of shading white or highlighting black with blue. I'd really suggest starting from a grey such as Codex Grey and painting up to Skull White through Fortress Grey.

  7. I tend to go from a light grey and use lots of thin layers of white, similar to your style.
    Only thing I would have done is watered down the asurymen blue quite a bit so that the shading is very subtle.

    Very nice model though! Well done! :D

  8. from my experiance ftom painting almost 1750 of SoB in white primary the whole grey under coat is a good idea as is shadow grey which has become my prefered undercoat. and then at least two to three coats of white..the more even coast you do the crisper the white gets. though i have to say what you have done so far is fantastic and great the way it is ! =)

  9. If I can I primer the model in white,if not then I go for astronomican grey foundation and white over that.

    I like the blue shadows, but I might thin the wash with a touch of white to make it a bit more subtle, but good job as is.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  10. You can either go from thing like Adeptus Battlegrey gradually to pure white or, alternatively, from Shadow Grey (preferably washing it over white undercoat) through Space Wolves Grey up to White. Both produce good results, but it depends whether you prefer black or blue hue to the white. I wouldn't shade it later, btu that's just my preference

    Still, what you painted is looking good!

  11. Wow. Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. Somehow Disqus got disabled on this post so I had no idea all of these comments were here.

    Thanks again!



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