We're Growing!

After much prodding and just a little begging I've finally convinced my long time friend and only regular Warhammer opponent Spoony to join Stuck Between Stations! For over seven years he and I have done a lot of talking about 40k and if it weren't for him I probably would have given up the hobby a long time ago.

He's quite a bit better at the game than I am (as evidenced by his 4-0-2 record against me in our 5th Edition games) but I do a lot more painting so together I think we can cover a lot more bases in this blog. Since I've known him he's played Chaos Marines, Tau, Imperial Fists, and now Blood Angels.

He should be along shorty to introduce himself.

While we're on the subject of growing I noticed that there are over 30 people following this blog now - I honestly didn't think that many people would ever be interested in my little corner of the tubes so thank you all for signing up and leaving comments.