Alter Noble WIP

I am back from vacation! The city of Chicago was great, the marathon was a huge success, and my vacation was relaxing. I took yesterday off work to recover from the race and travel and took the opportunity to get stuck in on my next project, a Wood Elf Alter Noble.

Sorry for the horrible picture, he's pretty washed out. His face was promising when I started but ended up being a bit of a let down. Otherwise I'm quite pleased with him. I had forgotten how much I enjoy working with this color pallet and my familiarity with it made the painting go by quickly.

I'm thinking some kind of blond color for the hair since his armour is so dark, although I'll have to see when some more of the details are done (I'll probably do the hair close to the end). I'd like to do something cool on the sword since it's such a focal point but I'm not sure what yet. My current thought is to make the blade look like wood and then do the runes in bright greens and yellows, but I'm not sure I can pull off wood grain on such a thin piece of metal.

I'm also hoping to pick up the Space Wolves Codex today at lunch so look for some thoughts on that soon.