Empire Captain Done and Vacation!

After several people on Librarium Online suggested doing a purple cape with yellow trim I went for it. I'm quite pleased with the result.

I decided to paint the shield up as wooden and tried to get some wood grain - this wasn't as successful as the cape but it still turned out well.

The model itself is phenomenal. It has a ton of character from the pose and facial expression and the level of detail is just right - enough to be fun and challenging but stopping short of being tedious.

The face especially was great to paint. The sculpt had many facial ridges and valleys that held on to my washes and made it very obvious where to highlight. Although the photo doesn't show it I think this is probably the best face I've ever painted.

Up next is going to be the last two models on my shelf for my Wood Elves. After finishing that army 13 months ago I needed a break but I've recently had a desire to break out my greens and browns again.

First however, I'm going on vacation! Tuesday afternoon I leave to run the Chicago Marathon and enjoy a week's vacation! I'll be checking blogs and leaving comments but won't have anything new to add here. Spoony has promised to update in my absence.

See you all in a week and a half!