Last Games of 2009

This weekend I got in what will most likely be my last two games of Warmachine in 2009. The first was against Circle, the second against Skorne.

Druids of Orboros and Overseer
Lord of the Feast
Blackclad Wayfarer
Tharn Ravager Whitemane

Early on my Widowmakers caught the Blackclad and then ended up in melee with a few Druids. They managed to hamstring the unit for the whole game since no one could kill the other. I used Sorscha's feat to freeze both Warpwolves after they wrecked my Kodiak, who had been pulled into range by a Force Bolting Druid. The Destroyer took out one while Sorscha and the Demo Corps took out the second.

Kromac came in and killed most of what was left of my army. He was in the open close to Sorscha and I wasn't going to be able to win if I didn't kill him that turn. I tried to kill the Gorax so Kromac couldn't transfer damage to it but the Destroyer had a damaged axe arm and couldn't get it done.

Left without any other units to activate, I had Sorscha charge Kromac with six focus. She boosted the charge attack and got a critical freeze. The charge did 10 damage which Kromac transferred to the Gorax, killing it. Sorscha used the remaining 5 focus to buy three more attacks, boosting the damage on two. I rolled very well and ended up killing Kromac!

Titan Gladiator
Titan Bronzeback
6 Cataphract Arcuarii
10 Immortals

I had a good first two turns with my Widowmakers + Kell killing 6 Immortals and 2 Arcuarii and the Demo Corps finishing the other 4 Immortals. However, I completely misjudged the slam distance of the Bronzeback with Rush.

Sorscha was hiding behind her Kodiak which got slammed right over her. The Bronzeback followed up with three auto-hitting attacks in melee which saw Sorscha get squished very quickly.

This was the same opponent who caught me out last week with a tricky slam. I had correctly avoided putting Sorscha in the charge / slam range of the Bronzeback and had hidden her from LOS behind the Kodiak but again I forgot about slams. I need to be more careful about her placement in the future.