Preparing for my First Warmachine Tournament

I got in another Warmachine game last night. I played a 3 player game against Circle and Skorne with 35 points for everyone.

Lord of the Feast
War Wolf
Shifting Stones
Wolves of Orboros + UA

Titan Cannoneer
Molik Karn
Void Spirit
Tyrant Rhadeim
Praetorian Swordsmen + UA

Koldun Lord
5 MoW Demo Corps

The Wolves and Woldwarden moved towards the Praetorians and Cannoneer in the middle while everything else moved in my general direction. I held back a little bit, hoping to pick my targets and mop up after the melee for a win.

After two or so turns I managed to drop a bombard on Mohsar that left him with 5 health. The Skorne player mopped him up right after me and except for a few Wolves, the Circle army was pretty much out of it.

I hadn't lost much at that point. My Demo Corps charged in and did a fair amount of damage to Karn but didn't kill him. In his turn, Xerxis killed several of them and cleared the way for Karn to charge Sorscha, but he failed the charge.

Sorscha feated, went after Xerxis, and hit him with the charge attack and two other boosted attacks to leave him with one health. My Greylords finished the job.

I had to be told about the potential assassination attempt on Mohsar, although after hearing about it twice now (it was a similar thing to what I did to Durgen in my last game) I'm more on the lookout for it. Sorscha nearly killing Xerxis was my idea but it was a pretty obvious move.

This was a tough game to get much out of. Most of the things I learned were about reading the game and seeing opportunities, which is certainly important, but I'm still unsure how to use my army in a regular, 1 v 1 game. I should get in three games at the tournament this Saturday though and that will be a big help.