Warmachine Tournament Report

On Saturday I went to my very first Warmachine tournament (actually, it was my first tournament of any kind). Since the field test rules for MkII Hordes were just released the local Press Gangers decided to hold a MkII tryout tournament so everyone could start getting a handle on the new rules. The format was 35 points and 12 people showed up.

My list was my standard 35 point Khador list:

Koldun Lord
5 Demo Corps
Kell Bailoch

My first game was against a very pink Legion army using the following list:

5 Warmongers
3 Raptors
2 Warmonger War Chiefs

The scenario was called Kill Box. There was a 24" x 24" box in the middle of the board and anyone who didn't have their 'caster in the box by the end of the third turn lost. 'Caster kill was the win condition, and the tie breaker if time was called was whoever had their 'caster closest to the middle of the board.

Sorscha used her feat to create a log jam of beasts and Warmongers in front of Thagrosh and it allowed my Demo Corps and Kodiak to do a lot of damage to those units and be pretty safe. The Widowmakers handled the Raptors and after Sorscha finished off the Carnivean with her hand cannon I was feeling pretty good about my chances to control the board and kill Thagrosh.

However, it started to look like he was going to have the last turn. If I didn't move Sorscha, he'd be closer to the middle and win. If I moved closer to the center he'd kill me, so I took a wild chance to kill Thagrosh with Sorscha and failed. On his turn he killed Sorscha and took the win. With a little more time I think I might have been able to win but I'm pretty happy with how I played and had a fun game with against a good opponent.

Game two was against another Khador player.

Windergurad with 3 Rocketeers and UA
Kovnik Joe
Kell Bailoch
Alten Ashley

The scenario was No Man's Land. There was a six inch area across the middle of the board. After turn three, anyone controlling the area got a control point. Anyone with two control points or a 'caster kill would win the game. If time was called, the first tie breaker was number of unit leaders in the area, the second tie breaker was whoever had their 'caster closer to the opponent's deployment zone.

I wasn't prepared for how hard Winterguard and Rocketeers hit with the UA, Kovnik Joe, and Butcher's feat all running at once. Between them and his three 'jacks my Demo Corps and Kodiak took a huge beating on Butcher's feat turn and left me with not many options.

I saw an avenue for an assassination on Butcher and took it. Sorscha Wind Rushed forward, then cast Boundless Charge and charged the Butcher for 11 inches. I needed to do 20 damage and only had two focus to do it with, but I thought I was going to lose the game next turn if I didn't kill the Butcher. I hit him for 10 on the charge but only 5 on the second swing and I thought I had lost, but the game ended on time and I won because Sorscha was closer to his deployment zone.

The highlight of the game (and the tournament) was when my Kodiak used Grab and Smash to throw a Juggernaut into and kill the Winterguard UA.

The third game was also against a Khador player.

2 Kodiaks
Doom Reavers
6 Kossite Woodsmen
War Dog
Ogrun Bokur

The scenario was Mosh Pit. There was a 12" circle in the middle of the board with the same control point rules as the previous scenario. You could also win on a 'caster kill and the tie breaker was whoever had a 'jack closest to the middle.

Most of the Mosh Pit was filled with a forest that made LOS a bit tricky. I had a tough time figuring out when to enter the forest to get charges off without suffering for it by being charged first. I ended up doing a poor job of it because he got a good alpha strike on my Demo Corps and Kodiak using the Juggernaut and Doom Reavers on Butcher's feat turn.

I had one of his Kodiaks pretty beat up and had worked his Juggernaut down to about half strength but without my Demo Corps and Kodiak I couldn't really threaten his 'jacks. He won when he threw my Destroyer out of the Mosh Pit and scored his second control point.

I had a great time playing three very fun games against three pleasant opponents. I thought all of my games would go like the third one and was really happy to play a competitive first game and come up with a win in my second.

I think I was able to get a much better feel for how my army runs. I have a much better understanding about the capabilities of my models and I'm a lot more aware of potential 'caster kill situations, both for getting me the win and avoiding a loss.