December and 2009 Summary

New Model Fund
December started with only $13.44 and I wanted to try to limit my spending. I was pretty successful, only buying $7.86 worth of paint. I'm going to start off 2010 with $52.79 in the fund.

This was a pretty successful method of curtailing my spending. I've made some headway through the piles of unpainted models on my shelf because I wasn't buying nearly as much, and I seriously cut down on my spending without cutting out any of my fun.

Painting For Points
I had a productive December, painting Kell Bailoch, a Manhunter, and 2 Man-O-War Demo Corps. I finished the year out with 78 points of painted models - not bad! I painted 43 models for Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasty, and Warmachine over at least 7 different armies.

So, what are my plans for 2010?

I'd like to keep playing Warmachine and try to enter a few more tournaments (and maybe even place in one).

I'd like to continue to improve my painting.

I'd like to continue the success of Painting for Points and the New Model Fund. I'm thinking another 75+ points and the same budget would be perfect.

I'd like to start getting rid of some of the models I'll never paint. I'm looking at getting rid of my Tau, and the Imperial Guard in particular, but I have some miscellaneous boxes and blisters that should probably go as well.

I'd like to start another Warmachine or Hordes army, although I don't know which one or when I'd do this.

Thanks to everyone who's commented this year or follows this blog - it's been a good year.