Holiday Models

Christmas was good to me this year in terms of models.

Before the holidays I emptied out my coin jar and found almost $150 in coins. I decided to treat myself to some Christmas presents, and turned some of those coins into pButcher, pIrusk, Zerkova, a Drakhun, a second Kodiak, a Spriggan, and Orin Midwinter. All very nice looking models and I'm excited to paint them.

Spoony bought me Jeremiah Kraye for Christmas. Kraye is one of my favorite models, although I don't know if Spoony knew this when he bought him. Once I get through some of my new Khador stuff I'm going to spend a good chunk of time doing him up very well. Thanks Spoon! You can expect something cool for your Cygnar army once Kraye is done.

Captain Jeremiah Kraye - image from Privateer Press

I also bought myself the Great Bears, because they're awesome. The models are HUGE for small bases and look intimidating, although their axes are oddly small.

Sorscha, Great Bear, Sternguard

It should be a very red winter!

Also, here's a quick update on the Sternguard I'm working on.