January Summary

Painting for Points
I had a strong finish to last year and was able to carry that momentum into 2010. This month I finally finished the last three Sternguard I had on my table and they're now happily on the shelf with their two squad-mates. I also painted up The Butcher over a few days last week when I was home sick. That's a start of 4 points for 2010.

I've also joined up for my third go around in the Tale of Painters on Librarium Online. The first time I did 2000 points of Wood Elves over a year, the second time I did 1000 points of Crimson Fists and 500 points of (Mk I) Khador in six months, and now I'm planning 38 points of (Mk II) Khador over six months. I can start painting on February 14th and the first deadline is March 14.

New Model Fund
I wasn't very good at sticking to my budget this month. Warmachine MkII officially came out this month and there was a lot of stuff released. I bought the new rulebook, the Khador faction deck, and No Quarter 28 as part of the release. I also bought some black spray primer and the Great Bears for my Butcher list. In all I spent $104.71 which puts me at -$51.92. Adding in the $50 for February, I'm sitting at -$1.92.

Unfortunately, I know for sure I'll at least be buying the Cygnar army book when it comes out next week and possibly some Cygnar models for an army I'm thinking about.

Finally, since I don't like updating without a photo, here's a WIP shot of what I'm working on right now:

An hour or so to finish the red tonight and I think he's off to a good start.