Updated Khador Army

Just before the New Year I finished painting my Khador army. My plan for this weekend was to get some games in with it but it's been snowing for two days straight here in Boston so that didn't happen. I took advantage of my indoor time to get some updated photos of the whole thing.

My favorites, the 'jacks. From left to right is a Juggernaut, Kodiak, and Destroyer. The Juggernaut doesn't see play time in the army but I felt bad excluding him.

Widowmakers (the bang bang).

Greylords (the pew pew).

Man-O-War Demo Corps (the muscle). The two in the front row on the left and right are the newest additions to the army.

A Koldun Lord, Manhunter, and Kell (a little extra pew pew, muscle, and bang bang, respectively).

And finally, the big boss lady herself, Sorscha. She still holds up as one of the better models I've painted and she looks great on the table.

I've got a ton of Khador models coming to me in the mail but before I get to them I've promised myself that I'd finish the three Sternguard on my desk. Look for them soon.