April Summary

Painting for Points
April was a pretty great month for painting. I managed to finish Orin Midwinter and the last 3 Doom Reavers for my Khador army, I painted up a Ronin for my new Malifaux army, and I painted a unit of 6 Gun Mages for Spoony's Cygnar army.

That's 11 new models painted and brings my total to 28 on the year!

all the models I painted this month!

New Model Fund
I'm still struggling mightily to get my hobby fund out of the negatives. Selling a bunch of stuff on ebay helped offset my Malifaux army purchase but I still ended up spending $10.36 above my sales. I also bought the new Greylord Escort for my Khador army, which brought my total spending for the month to $20.97.

Add that to the -$31.26 I started April with and I'll be starting May with -$2.23. I'm still negative but it is a much nicer number than some of my most recent month start totals.