Dire Troll Mauler

I've been working slowly on this guy for a few weeks and finished him off this past weekend. I used the same general method I worked out on the test model with a few modifications. Because there are so many large, open areas of color on a model this big I had to incorporate some highlights after the washes to give him some life.

I used the same basecoats and washes but went back in with the yellow and white to bring those colors out, and made a quick mix of my purple base and some white to brighten up some of the purple. All of the highlights were quick and a bit heavy handed but I think they do the job well.

Even with the added step I think this model still clocked in under 2 hours of total painting time, and the limited number of colors allowed me to do complete steps in little time blocks (10 - 15 minutes usually). My next project will be giving my lonely Champ two more friends so he has a unit to hang out with.