New England Team Tournament Report

This past Saturday the local Press Ganger and I took a trip down to Connecticut for the New England Team Tournament. There were 32 players crammed into an a very warm gaming room playing some very intense games of Warmachine and raising money for a good cause.

I'm not positive of the breakdown but there were three Hordes players (Legion, Trolls, and Circle), 8 or 9 Cryx players, 8 or 9 Cygnar players, and then a smattering of Mercs, Khador, and Menoth to round it out.

I ran an Irusk list the whole day that had a Spriggan and Kodiak, 10 Kayazy and Underboss, Great Bears, Widowmakers, Koldun Lord, and Kell. I ended up going 1-2 on the day.

Game 1
I lost this game to one of the eventual two first place finishers so I don't feel too bad about it. He was running a Terminus list that had a single arc node and more Mechanithralls, Bile Thralls, and other infantry than I think I've ever seen.

On my second turn Irusk feated and put Battle Lust on the Kayazy who then charged an ARM 27 Terminus. Even with the bonuses from charging, Battle List, and Gang the six Kayazy who got into range were only able to do about 5 points of damage. As I think about it now they were probably lucky to do even that much.

On his next turn Terminus just flew out of the melee (taking 5 free strikes and another point of damage) and two shotted Irusk.

Game 2
This was against a pMagnus list with a Nomad, 2 Renegades, 10 Nyss Hunters, 6 Kayazy and Underboss, and a few solos.

I made a huge mistake on my second turn moving Irusk too far forward and paid for it with two boosted Renegade shots. Irusk was dead but thankfully had feated and he made his Tough check. After surviving that mess I started to roll over his army, eliminating everything but Magnus and the two 'jacks.

Magnus was looking pretty dead on my next turn so he went for a pretty low percentage assassination run on Irusk. One of the Renegades moved out of combat with two Great Bears and survived both free strikes from them. It was then just barely in range of Irusk for Magnus to arc Arcantrik Bolt through it. With boosted hit and damage rolls he was able to do that final point of damage.

I was pretty annoyed at myself in this game. I should have been a lot more aware of the Renegades and what they could do because I thought about a Magnus army before I picked Trolls and am reasonably familiar with what that army can do. After surviving the two shots I got too confident because I was doing well and didn't think about their arc node capabilities. I could have moved Irusk anywhere on the board that turn to keep him safe and I chose to put him closer to the arc nodes because I wasn't thinking.

Game 3
This game I got to play my second ever game against Retribution. It was a Rahn list with a Phoenix and Manticore, Battle Mages, 6 Sentinels, one Arcanist, 2 Magisters, 2 Mage Hunter Assassins, and Narn.

I was pretty successful in rolling over his army but late in the game he used Narn and an Assassin to sneak behind my lines, kill my back line, and pick up a control point. I had to made big push on his control point to score one of my own so I wouldn't lose and then then dice down was called. I had a lot more of my army in his control zone than he had in mine so I snuck out a win on the tie breaker.

I should have been paying more attention to defending my control point but I got a bit carried away killing his army.

All in all it was a great day playing little men and I had a lot of fun. I think I should have won that second game but I don't have anyone to blame but myself for losing it. I got to see some gorgeous armies and very talented players as well as meet a bunch of great people.

There are some photos that one of the Press Gangers took here.