Turorial: Painting Arc Lines on Bases

Sorry about missing my Friday update. Last week was a perfect storm of work, class, and marathon training preventing me from getting anything done. This week doesn't look to be much better but I'm hoping to sneak in some time to finish those 6 Kayazy.

Models in Warmachine / Hordes have a front and back facing that plays an important role in what they can see and do in game. It isn't required, but many players (myself included) paint arc lines on the bases of their models to make it clear which half of the model is the front half.

This is the template I use to help me figure out exactly where I should paint the marks on my models' bases. Usually I'll place the model on the correct size circle (blue for small bases, yellow for medium, and red for large), turn it so that the model's face is pointing along one of the lines, and then paint small lines on the perpendicular axis.

I printed a few of these things out and keep them on my desk. This is usually the last step for me when finishing a model. It has been very helpful for checking to see if models have LOS and for determining when free strikes should or should not happen.

Feel free to download this image and use it for your models.