Finished Fell Caller

I finished this guy in an evening or two of work. His face got a little too much of the brown wash and I had to go back in with the yellow to get the colors right. I'm not thrilled with how he turned out but he looks alright and that's what I'm going for.

A Fell Caller is a 3 point solo, which seems a bit high on paper (considering that 6 Kriel Warriors are 4 points) but he provides some serious awesomeness.

Right off the bat he has two POW 10 Weapon Master attacks and a POW 12 spray, which is enough to put the hurt on infantry of any sort. As sweet as that is though, it is his special Fell Calls that really make this guy shine.

Once per turn he can give a unit Pathfinder (awesome for getting up the field fast), make them stand up (passing Tough checks makes you knocked down - this guy makes it not matter), or give them +2 on their attack rolls (MAT 9 Champions? Yes please.).

This is the definition of a tool-box - he has some helpful thing to do every single turn.