Trolls - First Impressions

Three games in, here are some things I'm learning about my Trolls.

Trolls are Tough
Yes, all Trolls have the Tough ability, but that's only part of it. The Kriel Stone pushed my Champions up to ARM 20 and the rest of my infantry somewhere in the ARM 14 to 16 range. Combine that with the natural Tough ability and Surefoot boosting DEF and granting Steady and my Trolls soak up damage incredibly well.

Buff Stacking is Hard
Trolls have the ability to stack tons of buffs on models, something Khador doesn't do much of. Even in my small 25 point games I was stacking Sure Foot with the Kriel Stone with Defensive Line with Fell Calls and maybe an animus if I was really feeling crazy. That's a lot of options to pick from and keeping all of them straight was a new challenge for me.

Medium Bases are Big
Most of my Khador army is on small bases so maneuvering around with an army of medium bases took some thinking. Charge and movement lanes became clogged very quickly and for the first two games I felt like my models couldn't get out of each others' way.

Fury is Fun
The Fury mechanic is so much fun. Having essentially 5 Focus on my Mauler meant that he could dish out quite a bit more damage than a 'jack with only 3 Focus. Fury management is the name of the game, but even running hot isn't so terrible if the closest model to a beast that might Frenzy is an enemy.

Some of this is comes from the list I chose (a brick style list tries to maximize defensive buffs by staying close together) but either way, I'm excited to get some more games in with this army.