Warmachine MkII Errata

I got a chance to read the errata that Privateer Press posted last week. There aren't many massive changes but there are a few interesting tidbits in the document:
  • Bulldoze on the Spriggan and Devastator: There was some discussion online about whether these 'jacks could use Bulldoze outside of their activation (like, say, under Zerkova's Watcher spell) but it is limited only to movement during their activation.
  • Epic Asphyxious' feat got a little nerf as it can no longer bring back large based models. This means no more Soul Hunters coming back to life.
  • There is a slight re-wording to eMadrak's Grim Salvation ability but it doesn't really change anything.
  • The errata makes a change to a model for Trolls that hasn't been announced yet. It looks like a character solo named Janissa Stonetide with an ability or spell called Wall of Stone. No idea about her rules or what that ability does but it is exciting none the less!
This is clearly not the whole document, just the few things I noticed that were of interest to me.