Gunnbjorrn Spoiled!

I think he's been technically spoiled since GenCon but this is the first look I've had at his full stats and background. Here are my first thoughts:
  • He looks rather solid defensively with DEF 15 and ARM 16, and he doesn't have to get terribly close to the front lines with Snipe and the 12" range on his gun.
  • His gun looks fantastic, and Guided Fire is going to make Critical Devastation happen more often.
  • I can see 6 Fury being a little light. Guided Fire is 3, and if he's upkeeping Snipe and / or Rock Wall he'll be sparse on transfers. His spell list is quite nice overall - he's a great support warlock.
  • I'm not blown away by his feat.
  • He looks like a lot of fun to play.
Snipe and Guided Fire make me lean towards a more ranged list with him. Bombers, Blitzers, and Slag Trolls all have the potential for multiple shots to take advantage of Guided Fire. An Impaler will give the option for two Sniped models / units so he should probably make it in there as well.

That's 24 points right there, assuming you want two heavies and two lights. Since Guided Fire only works on battle group models I would probably take some melee units and support solos to round out a list. Full Kriel Warriors + UA or Fennblades are 8 points, and a Fell Caller is 3, so maybe something like that.

I'll probably be picking this guy up once I open up my wallet again and start buying models.