Warmachine Wrath!

image from Privateer Press

The new Warmachine book's name has been announced: Wrath! Clearly, this is far on the horizon since Privateer Press is just now starting to release the Hordes MkII books, but I'm still excited about the prospect of a new 'caster.

PP is running a contest to coincide with the announcement. They've published the names and some fluff text for the six new 'casters in faction specific runes and asked people to translate the runes and submit the names of the 'casters. Someone has kindly done all of the work and posted some humorous paraphrasing of the fluff text on the forums here.

The new Khador 'caster is named The Iron Wolf (he has a real name too, but it isn't posted) and here's his text:

"***********, The Iron Wolf

********* is an oldie but a goodie. He's really good with Warjacks, and uses them to scare the crap out of his opponents. He knows a couple tricks to make them work harder than they were designed to, focusing their fire on one unlucky SOB at a time."

I like the idea of an old man 'jack buddy, although it sounds like he's going to want ranged 'jacks and I just don't have any interest in getting a Decimator. Maybe there is a new ranged 'jack coming as well?