Product Review - CNC Workshop Paint Racks

I recently bought two paint racks from CNC Worshop and built them this weekend.

The come on what are, essentially, wooden sprues and need to be clipped or cut out. I didn't have much trouble using a sharp knife to get everything off the sprue and cleaned of flash.

There are a bunch of pieces, including a few small ones that I almost threw out (bottom left corner). Make sure you're paying attention to the direction sheet when cutting stuff.

The hardest part of the assembly process was dealing with the slow drying time of wood glue and coming up with a good way to put pressure on all of the glued joints while they dried.

Here is the first one done and holding half of my paints. Each rack will hold 33 pots of Games Workshop paint without any trouble. I have a few Vallejo paints that also fit but they sit a bit lower in the slots.

My only complaint with these things is that they're quite expensive since they had to be shipped from Australia. Obviously they weren't too expensive (I did purchase two) and now that they're all set up I'm quite happy with them.

In addition to these paint racks, CNC sells tool organizers, game accessories, and a ton of really nice looking scenery. If I were in the market for a few buildings for my game table this is probably the first place I'd look.