Pyre Troll

Here's my most recent Troll, and the very first model painted in my new apartment!

This guy had a little more effort put into him than my other Trolls, mostly because I enjoy painting red and I really like this model. I haven't fully settled in yet so he was primed white using gesso. The white was a challenge for me but I think it really made the colors pop on the model.

The fire was done using a brush thralls tutorial as a starting point and some improvising on my part. I started with Sunburst Yellow, mixed in a little Blazing Orange, and then added a little Blood Red for the very tops of the flames. I also did a light wash of Gryphonne Sepia to give the fists a little depth and to bring out the details.

I think he came out well, and now he just needs a little dull coat to knock out the shine from the washes.