Malifaux Tournament Destruction

I haven't made it to my LGS in over a month so when I heard there was a Malifaux tournament this past Sunday I decided to head over and play some army men. The format was a 35ss Brawl. Since I only have the one Master and didn't have the money or interest in purchasing more models I got to add 10ss to my pool.

I brought the Viktorias, 3 Ronin, 2 Gunslingers, Taelor, and Misaki.

the crew

I haven't read the new book yet so I didn't know what any of the new models did, and only having one Master was a huge handicap. I was tabled in my first two games pretty badly.

a brave last stand

I probably would have won my last game but time was called before I could get going and it wouldn't have mattered much for my overall standing.

Ronin sneaking up the castle walls

I'm pretty out of my depth in this game. Most of the players at the tournament play Malifaux as their primary game, and I'd hesitate to even call this a secondary game for me. Still, it was fun to get back to the LGS and play a few games after not being able to for a while.