Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekend Tournament Report

This past weekend I took a trip to a different LGS to play in a 25 point tournament. I brought along the Grim list I took out last weekend.

My first game was against a new Circle player running Baldur, a Druid Wilder, and a bunch of beasts. He ran them forward in waves and I was able to pick them off pretty easily with my ranged stuff. I didn't kill Baldur but eventually won on tie breaker because most of my army was alive and most of his wasn't.

The second game was against a tier 3 Kraye list that was more maneuverable and shootier than my list. Since those were my list's strong points I was in some trouble. Due to some early bad rolling on my opponent's part I was able to keep him off his control point early but eventually he wore me down and took the scenario win.

My last game was against a Gorten list. My list was built to counter this list but I played very passively and poorly while my opponent played well. The game ended in a tie (I kept him off his flag but wasn't aggressive enough in taking my own) but he would have won had we not run out of time.

All in all I don't think I played well during this tournament. I was too passive - I didn't scoring a single control point and didn't making a single charge over three games. I also think the list is lacking in high POW attacks, instead relying on volume of medium POW attacks. If I were to build this list again I would probably swap out the Bushwhackers for some Burrowers.

This weekend is an escalation tournament. I'm thinking about bringing eMadrak but haven't thought much about the lists I'd bring.
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