Templecon 2011 - Practice Games Round 4

There were a lot of players at the LGS this weekend so a lot of us were playing 25 points to make sure we all got some games in. I played two games with my Death Race list.

Game 12 - pButcher - Death Race - Win by assassination

Opponent - pThagrosh, Swordsmen + UA, Carnivean, some lesser beasts

I lost this game super bad. He was able to trounce most of my Kayazy and the Underboss, even with Iron Flesh, in one turn. They failed their morale check and things went downhill from there. I won because Thagrosh got greedy and wanted to kill the second Kodiak himself instead of leaving it alone - he walked too close and I got him with Butcher.

Game 13 - pButcher - Death Race - Loss by assassination

Opponent - a standard eCaine list

I asked for this game because I figured eCaine would be a popular choice in Death Race. This is going to be a tough match-up for me because Caine can ignore the wall of bodies in the middle of the board and because he and his Gun Mages ignore Stealth and have great RATs with the Ranger bonus. I lost because I was out of range to put Iron Flesh back on the Kayazy after I let them charge some Rangers.

I'm expecting to get one final group of practice games in this Thursday before I stop worrying about it. I'm also expecting to finish my painting for Templecon this week!