Reinholdt and Vanguard

It has been a while since I've posted anything painted. I have been painting but just haven't taken any photos.

This first fellow is Reinholdt, the Gobber Speculator. He hangs out with Ashlynn and gives her a free hand cannon shot - she loves that. I'm not sure why he looks so shiny in the photos.

This is Ashlynn's Vanguard. He comes along to take shots meant for her and sometimes he gets to beat up on infantry or solos.

I've been trying to incorporate some kind of Llaelese freehand onto the 'jacks in this army. Here I went with a few gold stars.

After the mess that was my sponge weathering on the Nomad I decided that the Vanguard would get some hand painted battle damage so I could control it better. You can see a few bullet hole chips on the shield. I also used some Gryphonne Sepia to give the impression that the holes had rusted out a little.