Some WIPS and a Pledge

The Great Blogger Blackout of 2011 seems to be over!

I've been falling way behind on my painting for the Slow Grow League at my LGS. Normally I'm one of the few players at my store who can routinely field a fully painted army but lately I've had the fewest painted models on the table. I don't think I can actually be fully painted with this list but I know I can do a lot better.

Here's a few shos of Ragman and the UA for my Gun Mages.

Ragman is mostly done, the Gun Mage is mostly not.

Now for the pledge. There's a bit of a break coming up in the league and the next official games aren't until Saturday the 4th of June. Today is the 13th of May. That's 21 days that I can be painting and I'm going to make the most of it. My goal is to finish these two models plus all six of my Gun Mages and my Mule.

That would make my 50 point list look like this (red things are unpainted)

6 Gun Mages
+UA and Mule
6 Steelhead Riflemen
10 Forgeguard
Aiyana and Holt

There are 5 points left and I'm thinking about a few different shooty solos. My current thinking is Taryn di la Rovissi and epic Eiryss but I'm also looking at Anastasia di Bray for fluff considerations and may have to use prime Eiryss due to stocking issues.

I suspect that I can get more painted in that time but if I can get that much done I'll be happy.