August Summary

August was very busy in almost every facet of my life except hobby time.  Vacations, sickness, and work all took up way more time than I wanted.

Painting for Points
I painted my Drakhun's horse (only the rider left until all my Khador models are painted!), one of my two Renegades, and a Driller (more on him later this week).  I'm now only 4 points shy of 100 for the year so September should see me into triple digits.

New Model Fund
I started with -$7.29 and after 3 hard months of work I've finally managed to get myself into positive funds!  I didn't by anything for a third straight month so I'm looking at $42.71 for the month of September.  I know I'll be buying Jarl and Wyshnalyrr but don't plan to get anything else.