First Games With Jarl

I missed my chance to take Jarl to the tournament at my LGS but this past weekend I was able to play my first two games with him.

The first was a 35 point affair against a Grim list.  I brought some Champs to put Tactical Supremacy on and some Long Riders with Horthol for Quicken.  I took an early lead with my speed, killing Blythe and Bull and avoiding his Burrowers with good positioning.  Grim was able to swing it back into his favor mid game by jamming me up in the middle of the board.

By the end of the game I was in a good spot, having Jarl, a single Champ, and my Fell Caller facing off against just Grim.  I used Magic Bullet to good effect, shooting my two models in the back to get around the forest Grim was hiding in, but my damage rolls weren't up to snuff and Grim was able to use Cross Country to shoot me through the forest and grab the win.

The second game was at 50 points.  I was playing against a pVlad list my opponent was running to practice for Hardcore at Templecon.  I brought Fenns + UA, Champs, an Earthborn, Bomber, Impaler, and some support.  Again, I had a strong early game - my upkeeps gave me the ability to be where I needed to be and Jarl's feat kept me safe from from his Winter Guard Rifle Corps + Joe.  I did make one mistake in leaving my Earthborn too far forward but it turned out in my favor when his Spriggan couldn't roll damage at all - the Earthborn trashed is for free on my next turn.

Things went downhill for me from there.  My champs and Fell Caller dealth with his Doom Reavers pretty easily on my left flank but were then very much out of position.  They struggled to make it back into the main fight to help the Fennblades.  Vlad put up Signs and Portents and then his two units of Greylords used their sprays to demolish my front rank of Fenns.  The Rifle Corps + Joe were more than capable of cleaning up the rest and suddenly I was very short on models.  A turn or two of clean up later and Jarl ate a few Rifle Corps bullets to the face and died.

Overall I think Jarl has a ton of potential.  I'm just starting to figure him out and I think he could be very powerful once I know what I'm doing.  He's also a ton of fun - both games were very enjoyable from my perspective and I'm excited to get him back on the table.