Tournament Recap

Last weekend I played in my first tournament in a long time. I brought pButcher and a Tier 4 Zerkova list.

My first game was against Garryth running Mage Hunters, Sentinels, and a bunch of solos. I took Butcher because I don't know Ret well at all. My opponent played very conservatively with Garryth and he never really threatened me. I used my Kayazy to take out his Mage Hunters before ganging up on his Sentinels with my entire army. I won by assassination.

The second game was against Rasheth with three heavies, some Garotmen, and solos. I again chose Butcher to deal with the high ARM Gatormen and the three heavies. I ended up losing this game by assassination after we both killed almost everything on the table.

I'm confident that I could have won this game but I made a huge blunder that cost me the win. I was in a good position to take out two of his heavies in a single turn with Butcher's feat but forgot to declare that I was using it. I realized it right when I was done activating Butcher and then it was too late to take it back.

After that loss I wasn't able to take third so I decided to take Zerkova in my last game just to see what happened. My opponent was playing an infantry heavy Scaverous list. I have a single game with Zerkova under my belt so this game went terribly for me. Looking back on it I know I could have done better but everything was so new and I made some poor decisions with my positioning. Still fun though and I'm sure I'll give her some more table time soon.