October Summary

This was a bad month for my toy soldiers.  I'd been feeling burned out on the hobby for a while and it kind of came to a head at the end of last month.  Some friends got me playing League of Legends and I didn't look back.

The break was good for me though.  I've started thinking about my Hardcore list for Templecon, I put some new Trolls together, and last night I picked up a brush and started working on my second Renegade.  I'm going to take it a little slow for a while and try to keep doing other things along with hobby stuff.

Painting for Points
No painted models this month - sadface.  I'm still at 103 for the year.

New Model Fund
Despite not doing anything with my models I did spend some money this month.  Before I spend any more though, I made some money!  I sold my 10 Scattergunners to another player at my LGS for 35 dollars.  I then bought Janissa, Calandra, and the Fennblade UA.  With the $35 in sales offsetting my purchases I had 40 dollars left for the month, so I'll have $70 for November.