WIP Koldun Lord

I started cracking on my Koldun Lord last night but I'm not thrilled with where he's going thus far.

click for a larger view

His face looks pretty good to me but I can't get past how bad I think his eyes look, especially the one on his left. I know the pictures don't look very bad but from most angles the left eye looks giant and misshapen. I'm also not thrilled with how the red and green turned out - I think they're a bit dull compared to the Greylords.

I still have the bright red on the front of the model to do as well as the metal bits and some glowy blue runes on his axe so hopefully there will be some vibrant color to make him pop. He's also got that giant beard for me to make white which might distract from the eyes.

What do you guys think? Does anyone have some good eye painting tutorials? These are the first eyes I've tried since I started painting again last year.