Crimson Fist Scouts and Games Day Preparation

They took a lot longer than I wanted but the scouts are finally done.

Once I had the major colors blocked in I thought I was a few hours away from being complete but all of the pouches, grenades, and little ammo bits took forever to get through. Overall I'm happy with how these guys came out, especially the blue armour, but I'm still not happy with how my faces are looking. I guess painting an Imperial Guard army will be good practice.

My next project is the drop pod for my Sternguard. I had a little time a few nights ago to get started and I assembled the center console and harness parts.

I've been reading the drop pod assembly guide on BoLS because I've heard how tough this model can be to get right and I'm glad I took the time to go read through it. I'm not sure when I'll get to paint this or assemble the other parts but my goal is to have it done for Baltimore.

Speaking of Baltimore, I've begun my preparations. I have a flight booked and my ticket to the show and yesterday my army transport from Sabol arrived in the mail.