March Summary

New Model Fund

I started March with $57.59. I bought some paint, gesso, brushes, and a large box of 20+ guardsmen and bits from ebay totaling $55.83, which left me with $1.76 for the month. Since I lose half of whatever is left over at the end of each month and I pick up $50, I currently have $50.88 in my fund for April.

In the interest of getting my Crimson Fists up to 1500 points I bought a Drop Pod and Sternguard Squad today for $51.98. That kills my fund for April already, leaving me with $-1.10.

Painting for Points

March was a good month for me points wise. I painted 3 Greylords (3 points), 1 Koldun Lord (1 point), and 2 Rhinos (20 points) for a total of 24. Added to my previous total of 17 I now have 41 points done for 2009.

In other news, I cleaned and based two Imperial Guardsmen last night and I'm hoping to get some gesso and paint on them this week!