Greatsword WIP

Updates have been sparse here and sadly, I don't have a very good reason. I got most of the way though those five Guardsmen before realizing the other night that I would never get them finished because I'm not at all interested in the models themselves.

Instead of dragging my feet over these models (I kept telling myself that I would do something else when they were done) I decided to put them on a shelf and move on. I had been looking through last month's White Dwarf and looking at all of the new Empire models and I remembered how I almost did an Empire army two years ago when I started collecting my Wood Elves. A little ebay-ing later and I had myself the command group to a unit of Greatswords.

Here's my first WIP:

I still have some work to do but I think I can finish this mode tonight. Yellow and purple are new colors for me so they might look a little flat until I can figure out how to highlight them but overall I'm really pleased with how this guy is turning out.