September Summary

I had a very strong start to this month and then life became distracting. Between soccer games, Red Sox games, marathon training, trying to finish the Wheel of Time books, and visiting friends I suddenly had almost no hobby time at all! I have been sneaking a few minutes here and there on my last Empire model but he isn't far enough along to be worth showing.

Painting for Points
I finished the fifth and final Greatsword and a Venerable Dread this month. Those 6 points get me to 63 points on the year.

New Model Fund
I started with $69.03 in the fund for September. I bought the Retribution of Scyrah faction book for Warmachine and issue 26 of No Quarter (Privateer Press's quarterly magazine) for $43.17 total. That left me with $25.86 in the fund, so I have $62.93 for the month of October. If I had to guess, I would expect that it will be spent on Warmachine models.

In other news, I've started to make efforts to find some people to play games with. With the recent release of the new faction for Warmachine and the early publishing of the Mark II rule set I've become very excited about Warmachine again. After doing some clicking around I found a store sort of near me that is holding a big Warmachine tournament soon. I contacted the store to see if there were regular Warmachine players there and a woman who works there said she'd see if she could put me in contact with some of them.

More on that as it develops, but I'm pretty excited that I might be able to find some regular opponents.