Tutorial - Learning More About Freehand

The last thing to finish on my Greatsword unit was the banner and I wanted to try some more complex freehand. I saw something in one of Ron's posts that seemed like a good second step on my freehand adventures.

I started off painting the whole banner, which you can see below. I also found a picture that I wanted to paint. I traced it in black ink and then went over the ink with a pencil.

The next step is transferring the image from the stencil to the banner. I laid the stencil with the pencil traced side down and then colored on the back of the stencil. The pressure from the shading causes some of the lead from the first step to transfer onto the banner. You can sort of see the transferred image on the banner below.

Next I took some thin black paint and a very small brush and lined the pencil. This took a while because I took my time and was very deliberate with my strokes.

Once the outline was done I filled in the spaces with a dark gray, which was the color I wanted to the unicorn to be. When the gray was blocked out I went back with the black and touched up the lines. It's starting to look good! It's also starting to look a bit like a dinosaur, but I'm pretty pleased with it anyway.

Last step is to highlight the gray and do any last minute touch ups.

All in all I think this was a really successful experiment. Just like last time, patience pays off. I'm glad I spent some extra time doing the black lining and making sure I had a good stencil to start with.

You can check out my first freehand attempt here.