October Summary

Painting for Points:
I've mostly exhausted my stock of Fantasy models this month by painting up two Wood Elf heroes and an Empire Captain. They're each one point so I've done 66 points for the year.

New Model Fund:
I bought the Space Wolves Codex this month for $26.56. Since I started October with $62.93, I'll finish with $36.67 and start November with $68.18.

A few posts ago I outlined my plans to dig back into my Crimson Fists. I've cleaned and based the first two Sternguard models and started basecoating their armour last night. I'm trying something a little different with them and so far I'm liking it - look for an update on them soon.

I've also tentatively set up a date to get a demo game of Warmachine from one of their Press Gangers next weekend so hopefully there will be some updates on that front as well.