Ways I Might Use the Khador Battle Box

After my initial ramblings on Kommander Sorscha I started thinking about how I might want to use my army in the Mk1 games I have coming up this weekend. The Khador battle box has Sorscha, a Juggernaut, and a Destroyer.

The Juggernaut is the typical Khador 'jack. It moves slowly (SPD 4), hits hard (STR 12), is easy to hit (DEF 10), and can take a lot of punishment (ARM 20). It has an open fist for throws or locks but I probably won't be using those right away. Its Ice Axe hits with P+S 19 and has Critical Freeze.

This guy is useless unless he's hitting something. He seems like a model that will want a lot of focus to boost attack rolls and buy extra attacks. Boundless Charge might be useful if I really need those extra two inches, and things like Sorscha's feat, Freezing Grip, and Tempest will all be useful in maximizing his potential.

The Destroyer has the same profile as the Juggernaut with different weapons. The big axe is replaced with a slightly smaller Executioner Axe with a P+S 18 and Critical Amputation, which disables arms and weapons that are damaged and does extra damage to system boxes. It also has a ranged weapon in the Bombard which throws out 3" AOEs with POW 14.

This is more of a utility 'jack than the Juggernaut. It is just as happy in melee but also has the option to throw around big, heavy shots. I thought knocked down and stationary targets were hit automatically with ranged attacks as well, but I can't find that rule so I may be wrong. If that's the case then the ranged option isn't as powerful as I'd like but is still good to have.

Thoughts on the Army as Whole:
Turn one I think will be pretty standard - give each 'jack one focus to it can run, cast Fog of War, and walk Sorscha up with the 'jacks. I can't imagine she'll be in range, but the extra focus could be used on the Hand Cannon if the opportunity is there.

After that, my first priority is to protect Sorscha because if she dies the game's over. Wind Rush will help here and so will Fog of War.

The second priority is to get the Juggernaut into combat - the best defense is a good offense! Sorscha's spells will help get him there and make him more effective. The Destroyer can help mop up with the bombard or axe, or pick a new target to hold up / destroy.

After that I'm not really sure. Sorscha might be able to take apart a light 'jack or 'caster on her own but I'd wary of committing her to something I don't know she can win. The big guys can tie up threats in melee and make a mess of things that have been knocked down. I'll have to be on the lookout for an opportunity to use Sorscha's feat and keep Wind Rushing for the DEF bonus and to get in and out of tough spots.