Wood Elf Spellsinger

As far as I can tell, my Wood Elves are done! I've painted all of the cool looking Lord and Hero models and I have zero interest in doing any more units of anything.

This guy was fun for a while but he really started to drag out towards the end with all the details (especially the leaves all over his cloak!).

In pretty typical fashion I rushed him at the end to get him off my painting table but overall I'm pleased. His face (and the face on the spite, too) turned out well and, as annoying as they were, I think the leaves worked out as well.

As I said a few posts ago, now that the elves are done I'm going back to my Crimson Fists. I'm going to get a few of the Sternguard done first and then decided if I want to do more of them, the Dread, or the Assault marines. Here are the first two up: