November Summary and Finished Kodiak

New Model Fund:

I tarted November with $68.18 and went a bit overboard this month. I bought an issue of No Quarter (my last issue as I'm not much of a fan of the magazine), a bunch of 40k bits for my Crimson Fists, several Warmachine models, and some miscellaneous things that I need to play Warmachine. In all, I ended the month with -$36.56, so I'm going to start December with $13.44.

My spending allowed me to get all of the models I need for a 35 point Khador list. Once I've got them painted I'm going to look a few new warcasters.

Painting for Points:

November started with 66 points. I finished two Sternguard, a Journeyman Warcaster, and a Kodiak for total of 8 points in November and 74 points this year.

Speaking of the Kodiak, here he is:

I'm still having some trouble getting my red highlights to work on this type of model but he's an improvement over the Destroyer and Juggernaut and I'm pleased with him overall. I'm hoping he's a big success in my games tomorrow night and the tournament this weekend.