Finished Kodiak (And 100th Post!)

This is Stuck Between Station's 100th post!

I had a race this morning which meant that all day yesterday and during the afternoon today I had a lot of time to paint. I also had a lot of time to scan the internet, which is how I ran into Col_Festus's blog First Rank, Second Rank.

He's been starting up a Khador force and the two 'jacks he's painted up so far are weathered very well. Weathering always makes me nervous (why risk ruining a perfectly good model?) but I've been meaning to work on it and after seeing Col_Festus's stuff I had to give it another try.

You can click on the images to get a much larger view to see the weathering.

I used a sponge from a blister to apply the chips. I chose black to chip on the red and green armour and silver to chip the black fists. I went a little heavier on the fists since they'd probably see more wear and tear.

I like how the black chipping turned out but I'm not so convinced about the fists.