First Games With The Butcher - Part 1 - Failure

Here is the list I've been using in my first Butcher games.

Great Bears
Kell Bailoch
Orin Midwinter

The first game was against a Cygnar player using eHaley. It was generally agreed by the regulars at the shop that this guy was a very talented MkI player who had yet to play with the MkII rules - I can say now that he's a very talented MkII player as well.

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages + UA
6 Trenchers
Gun Mage Captain Adept

He deployed with Haley and the 'jacks centrally-ish, the Gun Mages to the right of that (from my perspective), and the Trenchers and GMCA in front of everyone.

I lined my three 'jacks up across from his, with the Butcher, the Great Bears, and Orin behind them. The Widowmakers and Kell set up to take shots at the Trenchers and the Manhunter was on my right flank to threaten the Gun Mages.

Turn 1
On his first turn he moved the Ironclad and Lancer towards my left flank, ran the Gun Mages from right to left to avoid my Manhunter, and advanced the Trenchers and GMCA. Haley cast Deceleration to protect the Trenchers. The GMCA tried to kill Kell but missed.

On my turn Kell killed the GMCA with some good rolls and the Widowmakers killed four Trenchers causing the last two to run away. My Manhunter ran deep down the right flank, hoping to be a distraction or catch the Gun Mages. The 'jacks all ran forward with the Great Bears and Butcher. I put Fury on one of the Kodiaks and Iron Flesh on the Great Bears.

Turn 2
The Ironclad and Lancer continued to work their way onto my left flank. Haley feated and, thanks to the Squire, caught everything in my army but the Manhunter and Widowmakers. She also put Deadeye on the Gun Mages. The Gun Mages advanced and were able to knock down all three of my 'jacks with their magic bullets and put Orin out of his misery.

I didn't have much to do on my turn. He used Haley's feat to cause a huge pile up in the middle of my 'jacks, the Butcher, and the Great Bears. I was able to take out a few Gun Mages with the Widowmakers and continue to threaten on the right flank with the Manhunter.

Turn 3
I wasn't paying attention to how far down my left flank the Lancer and Ironclad were and had moved Butcher into a bad spot on my turn. Haley gave 3 focus to the Ironclad, arced Telekinesis to move Butcher into position, and then charged the Ironclad in for the win.